Selection of installation image from Memory Unearthed: The Lodz Ghetto Photographs of Henryk Ross exhibition.

History on View


Power of the pen

The pages are filled with chillingly beautiful remarks on the harrowing struggles of life under stifling Nazi rule, offering a rich, complex portrait of teenage rebellion in the face of violence and death.
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External witnesses

“Like a drop of water falls on a stone and erodes it, so, hopefully, by telling my story over and over again I will achieve the purpose of making the world a better place.” - Pinchas Gutter

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Excavating history

Situated on the site of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising of 1943, the POLIN Museum of the History of the Polish Jews attempts to fill what is perhaps an unfillable void.

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The lost synagogues

Beautiful and poignant, a view of a time and place that no longer exist in a vanished Eastern Europe of a century ago.